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COVID-19, Distance Learning, and Copyrights

Using C. L. Barnhouse copyrighted publications with online instruction and distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

Teaching music is challenging enough without having to deal with the cancellation of traditional classes, rehearsals, and performances. To help music teachers through this unprecedented time, we offer the following guidelines for using C. L. Barnhouse copyrighted publications during this pandemic.

If you purchased printed music or books for which the copyright is owned or administered by C. L. Barnhouse Co. or one of its publishing imprints (*see below), you may make digital versions of that material for use in the course of online or distance instruction, provided the following conditions are met.

  • Such material must be provided to students in a secure and direct format. The material should not be posted or shared online in a way that could be accessed by others.
  • Appropriate copyright notices as they appear on the printed music must be included in any digital versions.
  • Sharing of any digital versions with others, aside from your students, is strictly prohibited.
  • We reserve all other rights not expressly granted herein.
  • Also, you are allowed to stream audio and video recordings of your ensemble’s performances of our copyrighted works during the pandemic.  Please note that this covers streaming (not downloadable) recordings, and applies only to the imprints listed below.

*Imprints owned by C. L. Barnhouse Co. include:

  • C. L. Barnhouse Co.
  • Birch Island Music Press
  • Chesford Music Publications
  • K. L. King Music House
  • BOVACO Music Publications
  • Arco String Publications

Copyright owners for which C. L. Barnhouse serves as authorized agent, and whose copyrights are included in this notice:

  • Daehn Publications
  • William Allen Music

A worldwide leader in music for concert band, jazz ensemble, and string orchestra.

Since 1886, we’ve presented the finest instrumental music for bands and musicians of all abilities, by composers including Karl King, Alfred Reed, James Swearingen, Steven Reineke, and many more.  Additionally, we distribute many other excellent music catalogs – including Daehn Publications, Smart Chart Music, RWS Music Company,  Sandy Feldstein’s PlayinTime Publications, Claude T. Smith publications, and more.  With our state-of-the-art digital print operations, all Barnhouse music is in print and available for shipment directly to you!

Never Out of Print –

Over a Century of Music

Always Available!

Barnhouse is the only longstanding band music
publisher to keep its entire catalog in print
and available to you!

Never Out of Print –

Over a Century of Music

Always Available!

Barnhouse is the only longstanding band music
publisher to keep its entire catalog in print
and available to you!


Music to Fit Every Need!

Our outstanding series of educational music helps make planning easier! Find the music that is the perfect fit for your concert or jazz band!

Barnhouse is leading the publishers in helping to preserve our musical heritage in addition to giving us good new music at all levels. That is a unique and valuable combination. 

-Gary Barton, retired  La Porte, Texas Independent School District

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