Sound Foundations

The Sound Foundations series includes music for the beginning concert band.  Contains publications in two grade levels (the Red series at grade ½, and Blue at grade 1), and featuring music in a wide variety of styles and programming choices, there’s no better collection of music for your first-year band!  Sound Foundations Red uses only the first six notes learned in band instruction, and Blue extends the range to a full octave.

Rising Band

The Rising Band series includes music for the second year band.  Contains publications in two grade levels (the Green series at grade 1 ½, and Maroon at grade 2), and continuing to encourage the musical development beyond the level of the Sound Foundations series.


The Barnhouse Command series has been a mainstay of educational band music for over a generation.  Including works in a wide variety of styles and programming options.  Featuring the very finest in music for the developing concert band, Command series publications are often found on repertoire lists from state music associations, but also features a wealth of music for holiday performances, novelty use, and virtually any type of performance.

Concert Band

The Barnhouse Concert Band series has been a mainstay of the concert band world for sixty years.  Including outstanding original works and arrangements by legendary composers including Clifton Williams, David Holsinger, Alfred Reed, Kenneth Whitcomb, Jared Spears, John Edmondson, and Anne McGinty, and continuing to this day with new works by James Swearingen, Rob Romeyn,  Ed Huckeby, David Shaffer, Matt Conaway, and an ever-growing roster of exciting new writers!


The Barnhouse Build-A-Band series is designed for bands with several years’ experience, but with limited or unusual instrumentation.  Written with only four or five parts, plus percussion, each part may be played by a wide variety of instrument choices, creating performance opportunities for groups with imbalanced or incomplete instrumentation.

Heritage of the March

Known through the band world, the Barnhouse Heritage of the March series presents contemporary editions of classic marches, expertly rescored for modern concert band, and incorporating march performance practices from the classic concert band era.  This series offers a tremendous variety of marches varying styles and difficulty levels.

Karl L. King Centennial

Honoring the centennial of publication, works included in the Karl L. King Centennial Series feature many of King’s finest works, rescored for modern concert band.  Each edition is carefully prepared, and includes a wealth of historical information and photographs, performance practices, and program note material.

Gems of the Concert Band

Music from the era of the great American classic concert band (1875 – 1950) is reintroduced to today’s bands and audiences through the Gems of the Concert Band series.  Primarily including transcriptions of popular light classic works, the Gems editions are painstakingly prepared and developed reflecting the evolution of band instrumentation over the past century-plus.  Excellent material for adult community bands as well as educational ensembles.


The Barnhouse Spotlight series includes band accompaniments to instrumental solos or small ensembles.  Designed to feature either an outstanding student performer or a guest artist, most Spotlight publications are designed so that the band accompaniment may be prepared with a limited amount of rehearsal.  The series features solos for all band instruments, including those who often have difficulty finding solo with band material (bassoon, oboe, bass clarinet, tuba, horn, etc.) and many solos are from the standard solo repertoire of that instrument.

Sousa Centennial

The Sousa Centennial series includes the most famous works from “The March King” – John Philip Sousa.  Presented in handsome editions as arranged by Sousa scholars Keith Brion and Loras Schissel, this series includes all the great Sousa marches best known to the public.  You will find many other editions of these marches elsewhere, but none that are better.

Sousa Legacy

The Sousa Legacy series, under the editorial direction of Sousa scholar Keith Brion, includes outstanding but lesser-known works from “The March King.”  This ever-growing catalogue of music features, in some cases, the only version ever published for some Sousa works.

Jazz Starters

The Jazz Starters! Series features easy level charts especially designed to introduce younger musicians to the jazz ensemble experience.  These charts sound great with standard, limited and/or extended instrumentation.  Non-standard jazz instrument parts are provided to get everyone involved. The rhythm section parts are fully written out. Solo sections are simple, with suggested solos included to encourage first steps toward improvisation. A great way to get young musicians started and excited about jazz!

Barnhouse Jazz Ensemble

Charts in the Barnhouse Jazz Ensemble series range in difficulty from grade two through three and one-half.

They are written for the standard jazz ensemble set up of 5 saxophones, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones and rhythm section. However, many are scored to sound great with smaller instrumentation. Open solo sections in these charts typically have chord changes marked in all parts, with suggested solos provided.

Jazz Festival Series

The Jazz Festival Series is geared towards more mature ensembles with full instrumentation at the Grade 3 and higher levels. These are quality charts for more advanced competitive ensembles with mature soloists.

Smart Chart Music Series

Smart Chart Music Publications have been featured by discriminating jazz ensembles for the past generation! Founded by big band leader, trumpeter, and educator Mike Carubia, The SMART CHART catalog features the finest contest, festival, and concert jazz works from some of the most outstanding writers of today! SMART CHART also includes great jazz masterworks from the pen of the legendary Thad Jones, arranged and adapted for today’s jazz ensembles. A truly superior catalog of American jazz!