• Year: 2005

The National Flute Choir, Amy Rice Blumenthal,Director

Silver is the 10th CD recorded by the National Flute Choir and as usual, it features music that ranges from mellow and contemplative to lighthearted and exuberant. Flutes featured include: Piccolo, Eb Flute, C Flute, Flute d’Amour, Alto flute, Bass Flute, and Contra-Bass Flute, representing a span of 6 octaves. Very unique!

Fanfare, Anderson
Children Of The Wind, McMichael
Lady Carol, Hager
Pedazitos, Wood
Echoes In The Wind, Louke
A Short Nautical Journey, Hodac
The Fountain, Kirlin
Four Seasons In Maine, Roper
Reveries, Anderson
Quicksilver Rag, Pearce
Dawn of Peace, Pope

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