Legacy of the March, Volume 3


  • Year: 2003

Texas A & M Band, Timothy Rhea, Conductor

One out of the five volumes of exciting CDs containing great marches recorded by the always impressive Texas A & M Bands. A true march lovers delight!!!

B.B.& C.F., Hume
Garland Entree, King
Boys of the Old Brigade, Chambers
Eagle Squadron, Alford
Quality Plus, Jewell
Black Jack, Huffer
The Klaxon, Fillmore
With Sword & Lance, Starke
Bombasto, Farrar
Zacatecas, Codina
Glory of the Trumpets, Brockenshire
Glorius America, King
Lights Out, McCoy
Emblem of Freedom, King
Flying Eagle, Blankenburg
Emblem of Unity, Richards
Olympia Hippodrome, Alexander
Voice of the Guns, Alford
Rolling Thunder, Fillmore

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