Spectacular Trombones


  • Year: 2002

J. Aleessi, A Kay, H. Watters, S. Hartman, R. Barron, D. Steinmeyer

A showcase of six of the most talented trombonists in the world playing music which tests the limits of the instrument. Accompanied by the Julliard Trombone Choir, True North Brass, Janecek Philharmonic Orchestra, Empire Brass, Atlantic Brass and the USAF Airmen of Note, this diverse CD provides a broad overview of the talents of these world class performers. Note: This CD only contains 6 cuts, but those six cuts are all dynamite!!!

Special (Joseph Alessi soloist), Gabaye
Czardas (Alastair Kay soloist), Monti
I Loves You Porgy (Harry Watters soloist), Gershwin
76 Trombones (Scott Hartman soloist), Willson
Bride of the Waves (Ronald Barron soloist), Clarke
And We Will Love Again (David Steinmeyer soloist), Williams

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