High Altitude


  • Year: 2000

National Flute Choir, Amy Rice Blumenthal, Director

Performing on Piccolo, Eb Flute, C Flute, Flute d’Amour, Alto Flute and Bass Flute, the 19 professional flutists who make up the National Flute Choir can span a range of over 5 octaves as they produce great music of surprising appeal. Unique and eclectic, this fine CD should be in the library of all flute students and are great listening for the rest of us!

Stained Glass Images, Burnett
La Lune et Les Etoiles, McMichael
Five Pieces for Flute Choir, Fritter
Harlequin Suite Vol.1, Schwartz
Harlequin Suite Vol.2, Schwartz
Suite Butterfly, Louke
Silver Winds, Borwick

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