A Supersonic Ensemble


  • Year: 1999

Symphonia, R. Winston Morris, Conductor

The acclaimed debut album of the most incredible tuba/euphonium ensemble ever assembled. This is a tuba/euphonium “chamber orchestra” performing literature that ranges from serious art music to blazing hot jazz. A “must” for every low brass player.

Seguidillas, Aldo Rafael Forte
Adagio and Rondo, Aldo Rafael Forte
Hauntings, Dan Welcher
Tubamobile, Thom Ritter George
Adagio, John Stevens
The Furies, Neal Corwell)
Mars-from The Planets, Gustav Holst
Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor, J.S. Bach
Broadway Brash, Wayne Pegram
Jesse’s Jump, Jesse Krebs
Freedom, Hank Feldman

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