• Brand: Walking Frog Records
  • Year: 2017

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor

Rejoice! (Swearingen), Celtic Lullaby (arr. Phillips), American Legion March (Parker/arr. Glover), Blaze! (Romeyn), Ancient Conquest (Coles), The Red Sled (Fossa), A Time To Reflect (Swearingen), Woodwinds Of Mass Destruction (Conaway), Chimes Of Freedom (R.W. Smith), At Peace (Conaway), Interstellar Fanfare (J. McBride), Kartoon Klassics (Shaffer), Amber Skies (J. McBride), Missa Festi: Music for a Festival (Shaffer), And To The Republic: Concert March (Huckeby), Musical Mayhem (R.W. Smith), Promise Of Tomorrow (P. Clark), Blessings (R.W. Smith), Into The Court Of The King (Romeyn), Flutitude (Neeck), Long Day’s Journey: A Triumphant Return (Swearingen), Daydreams (Romeyn), First Decree (R.W. Smith), March A Doodle Dandy (Shaffer), Waltz Of The Wraiths (Conaway), Alien Crossfire (J. McBride), Chorale & Fugue in F (Bach/Daehn)

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