• Brand: Walking Frog Records
  • Year: 2017

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor

Sunscapes (Wilson), The Ocean Of Fire (Bell), Lights Out March (McCoy/arr. Glover), A Tom Sawyer Portrait (Jarvis), Un Petite Café à Paris: A Small Café In Paris (Bell), Poseidon: God Of The Seas (J. McBride), Canzoni D’Amore: (Songs Of Love) (arr. Longfield), Invictus March (King/arr. Glover), Red River Station (Bell), Takeda Lullaby: A Japanese Folk Song Setting For Wind Band (arr. Yeo), Hungarian Rondo (von Weber/arr. Glover), Honor Guard March (C. T. Smith), Humoresque (Dvorak/arr. Glover), Captive (Conaway)

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