Look To The Skies


  • Brand: Walking Frog Records
  • Year: 2015

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor

Call of Champions (Romeyn), Let Hope Reign (Neeck), Heart and Home (Poor), Beep Beep! (Frank), Angelic Hosts Proclaim! (A Holiday Flourish for Winds and Percussion) (J. McBride), Wrath of the Titans (Neeck), Skeleton Dance (Phillips), Apophis (J. McBride), It Is Well (arr. R.W. Smith), Tropical Trombones (Orcino), Look To The Skies (A Glorious Fanfare) (Swearingen), Twin Oaks (Shaffer), Mallet Mambo (RWS), Prometheus Overture (McGinty), Koala Rock (Bauer), Let The Holidays Begin! (Romeyn), Dynamo (Neeck), Red Earth Dances (Romeyn), Mighty Towers (Conaway), October Sky (Romeyn), Band Rocks! (Huckeby), Trumpet Voluntary – British March (arr. Phillips), We, The People – Concert March (Swearingen), Star Spangled Christmas (arr. R.W. Smith), Thunder Drums (Shaffer), Celestial Fanfare (R.W. Smith), Confluence (J. McBride), Soar With The Dragons (Romeyn), Blazon! (Shaffer), The Gift Of Hope (Based on Joseph Brackett’s Simple Gifts) (Swearingen), Jingle Jumble (Conaway), Adventures (Spears)

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