Curtain Call


  • Brand: Walking Frog Records
  • Year: 2013

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor.

An exceptional collection of compositions for wind bands by noted composers such as Rob Romeyn, Ed Huckeby, Robert W. Smith, John Wasson, Matt Conaway, Naoya Wada, Clifton Williams, James Swearingen, and Jackson Anderson. Also includes Andrew Glover arrangements of classics by Ruggiero Leoncavallo, Karl L. King , Michael Bergson and G.H. Huffine. These wonderful recordings are by the always impressive Washington Winds and display these works with absolute perfection. An enjoyable program that should be in the collection of all band music lovers!

CONTENTS: Zeus: King Of The Gods (Rob Romeyn) * Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite March (Karl L. King arr. Andrew Glover) * Crush (Robert W. Smith) * At Sunrise (Rob Romeyn) * El Arco De Los Cabos (Ed Huckeby) * Faith – Memories In Song And Celebration (Matt Conaway) * Curtain Call (John Wasson) * The Road To Damascus (Ed Huckeby) * Pagliacci – Intermezzo (Ruggiero Leoncavallo arr. Andrew Glover) * The Great Land Run (Jackson Anderson) * Basses On A Rampage March (G. H. Huffine arr. Andrew Glover) * As Spring Arrives (Naoya Wada) * The Hermitage (Clifton Williams) * Luisa di Montfort – Finale (Michael Bergson arr. Andrew Glover) * Ask Not – A Musical Tribute To The Life Of JFK (James Swearingen)

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