The Road Less Traveled


  • Brand: Walking Frog Records
  • Year: 2012

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor

A dynamic album by the always amazing Washington Winds, conducted by Edward S. Petersen featuring new band and wind ensemble music from well known composers including Robert Longfield, Karl L. King, Rob Romeyn, Larry Neeck, Robert W. Smith, Ralph Vaughn Williams, Robert Buckley, Ed Huckeby, Derek M. Broadbent, Jeffrey Stratton, Seth Custer and Andrew Glover. The Washington Winds are a hand-picked group of top professional players the Washington DC area and the album was recorded at Omega Studios, a state-of-the-art recording complex in the DC area. Lots of great listening enjoyment in this exceptional collection!

CONTENTS: The Road Less Traveled (Longfield); Salvation (R. W. Smith); Sells-Floto Triumphal March (King/arr. Glover); Everest: The Forbidden Journey (Romeyn); Sands of the Sahara (Neeck); Earhart: Sounds of Courage (R. W. Smith); Centaur March (Broadbent/arr. Stratton); Shadowplay (Buckley); Allegro Francaise (Barat/arr. Glover); Silent Noon (Vaughan Williams/arr. Huckeby); With Voice of Triumph Raised (Custer); Friska (Liszt/arr. Glover)

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