Mountain of the Sun


  • Brand: Walking Frog Records
  • Year: 2010

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor

You’ll treasure this exceptional wind band CD featuring recent compositions by popular composers Vaughan Williams, James Swearingen, Rob Grice, Robert W. Smith, Andre Jutras, David Shaffer, Matt Conaway, Andrew Glover, Jeff Bright and Ed Huckeby . Wonderful recordings of impressive music performed to perfection by The Washington Winds.

CONTENTS: Andromeda (Shaffer); Whither Must I Wander? (Vaughan Williams/arr Swearingen); America Triumphant March (Latey/arr. Glover); Hadrian’s Wall (R. W. Smith); Celebration Folklorique (Jutras); At Ease! (Conaway); Mountain of the Sun (Grice); A Jingle Bells Fantasy (Swearingen); Dreams (R. W. Smith); Primeval Stormfront (Conaway); Classical Rondo (Capuzzi/arr. Glover); Northwind (Strommen); Hanukkah: Festival of Lights (arr. Rowe); Forever Shining (Swearingen); Prestissimo March (King/arr. Swearingen); Menuetto (Mozart/arr. Bright); Good Tidings To All (Huckeby); One With The Wind (Conaway)

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