Spirit of the Winds

Album for the Young


  • Brand: Walking Frog Records
  • Year: 2007

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor

A spectacular CD of music for younger musicians by popular writers such as David Shaffer, James Swearingen, Rob Romeyn, Naoya Wada, Ed Huckeby, Len Orcino, Robert W. Smith, Andy Clark, and several others. A wonderful performance model for young players. Can’t be beat!

Spirit of the Winds, R. W. Smith
Conquista, Shaffer
Sea of Tranquility, Shaffer
Crunch Time!, Swearingen
Happenstance, Romeyn
March Kings, arr. Shaffer
The Promise of Hope, Wada
Sakura, Hilliard & D’Alicandro
Beyond the Highlands, Yeo
Around the World in 80 Measures, Orcino
Whispering Ridge, Earl
Gentle River, Grice
March Mania, Shaffer
Valiance: A Heroic Overture for Band, R. W. Smith
America the Beautiful On Parade, N. A. Clark
Lullaby for Band, R. W. Smith
Heroes and Glory, Swearingen
March Grandioso, arr. R. W. Smith
Dance of the Snowmen, Eveland
Crosswinds March, Swearingen
The Sword of Kings, R. W. Smith
Matrix March, Huckeby
Walkin’ the Dog, Roszell
Gingerbread Men on Parade, Orcino

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