As Spirits Take Flight


  • Brand: Walking Frog Records
  • Year: 2007

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor

An incredible wind band CD featuring recent compositions by popular composers such as Robert W. Smith, Steven Reineke, Christian Earl, Graham Lloyd, Ayatey Shabazz, Corey McBride, David Eastman, and Andrew Glover. Spectacular recordings of exciting music.

North Bay Vistas, R. W. Smith
The Impresario, Mozart/arr. Glover
Amid the Great Displace, McBride
Kanata Spring, Eastmond
E Pluribus Unum, Jewell/arr. Glover
As Spirits Take Flight, Earl
Merry Christmas, Everyone!, Reineke
From Dawn to Dusk, Lloyd
The Symphony of Souls, R. W. Smith
Olympia Hippodrome, Alexander/arr. Glover
In His Grace, Shabazz

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