Baby Drives a Fast Car

The Jazz Music of Paul Clark

Paul Clark


  • Brand: Walking Frog Records
  • Year: 2007

The Studio ‘A’ Big Band, Ed Petersen, leader

An EXCITING CD featuring the big band jazz compositions of popular writer Paul Clark. Performed to perfection by the always swinging Studio “A” Big Band. Very highly recommended.

Limehouse Blues, arr. P. Clark
Danny Boy, arr. P. Clark
The Groove Factor, P. Clark
Chicago, arr. P. Clark
A Gentle Touch, P. Clark
Sundance, P. Clark
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby, arr. P. Clark
Shark Bait, P. Clark
After You’ve Gone, arr. P. Clark
A Time To Say Goodbye, P. Clark
It’s Not My Fault, P. Clark
A Warm Fuzzy, P. Clark
Baby Drives a Fast Car, P. Clark
Ballad For Jeri, P. Clark
Read My Lips , P. Clark
When Dreams Come True, P. Clark
Jazz-Me Blues, arr. P. Clark

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