The Percussion Music of Jared Spears


  • Brand: Walking Frog Records
  • Year: 1997

The Washington Winds Percussion Ensemble

A delightful collection of exciting recordings of the most popular percussion ensemble music of Jared Spears. Includes ensembles from 3 to 8 pieces plus 2 pieces for solo marimba. Superlative performances by outstanding percussionists make this a CD that should be in the library of every percussion enthusiast! Very impressive and entertaining!

Ceremonium, Jared Spears
Windstone Suite, Jared Spears
Bayport Sketch, Jared Spears
Caccia Capers, Jared Spears
Cameo Suite, Jared Spears
Country Variations, Jared Spears
Proclamations, Jared Spears
Mosaics, Jared Spears
Woodworks, Jared Spears
Collidescope, Jared Spears
Scamper, Jared Spears
Collisons, Jared Spears
Ragtime Renegades, Jared Spears

NOTE: See WFR188 Snares, Traps and Other Hunting Devices for more percussion music.

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