Developing the Language of Jazz

Jonathan Holford, Mike Carubia

  • Grade: 1.5
  • Series: Smart Chart Music-Jazz Arrangements
  • Brand: Smart Chart Music
  • Year: 2013

DEVELOPING THE LANGUAGE OF JAZZ is a unique & comprehensive warm-up method that will have your jazz ensemble reading and playing stylistically more correct after a few 5 to 8 minute warm-up sessions. This method has been used for years at the middle school and high school levels by both of the authors. This simple, straight forward method not only helps your students with the conceptual difficulties of the jazz style, but also increases both the jazz savvy and helps jazz ensemble instructors get these concepts across to their students.

Those teachers who have been active in the jazz idiom will relish the fact that they have a complete curriculum of material to work with covering the 5 aspects of the language of jazz: rhythm, articulation, dynamics, balance and beginning improvisation. Teachers who do not normally bring their instruments to class will benefit from the “recorded” step by step examples and dialogue which will lead the students through the DEVELOPING THE LANGUAGE OF JAZZ. Sold as one complete Jazz arrangement.

Audio exercise supplements (mp3 files) are available.
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Click on individual exercise supplements to listen and practice:

Exercise 1: Articulation
Exercise 2: 2a 2b
Exercise 3: Flash Cards (no audio supplements)

Exercise 4: 4a 4b 4c
Exercise 5: 5a 5b 5c
Exercise 6: 6a 6b 6c

Exercise 7: Dynamics (no audio supplements)
Exercise 8: 8a 8b 8c
Exercise 9: Reading Drills (no audio supplements)

Exercise 10: 10a 10b 10c
Exercise 11: 11a 11b 11c
Exercise 12: 12a 12b 12c

Exercise 13: Ear Training
Exercise 14: 14a 14b 14c
Exercise 15: 15a 15b 15c

Exercise 16: 16a 16b 16c 16d
Exercise 17: 17a 17b 17c 17d
Exercise 18: 18a 18b 18c 18d

Exercise 19: 19a 19b 19c 19d

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