Yamaha Advantage Primer

Larry Clark, Sandy Feldstein

  • Brand: Sandy Feldstein's PlayinTime Productions
  • Year: 2002

The Yamaha Advantage™ is the perfect way to begin instrumental music instruction. The first few pages reinforce tone production with shape notes and gradually move to traditional music notation. The educational process is enhanced with chorales, technique studies, familiar music from all cultures, great classical themes, special advantage exercises and musical ensemble experiences. The Yamaha Advantage is the only band curriculum with its own student and teacher freindly on line community to enrich the learning process.

The Yamaha Advantage Primer
• Quick start method for young beginners
• Great for programs with limited contact time
• Quick success guaranteed to decrease drop-outs
• Built in First Concert for success
• CD included in each book to demonstrate tone and for practicing fun
• Easy transition to Book one of the band method

The Yamaha advantage web site is designed to help students improve their musicianship and assist teachers in the implementation of this method, but most of all it is designed to be fun. The following link will take you to the play along tracks and downloads for the primer. Be sure to explore the buttons at the top of the Yamaha Advantage page for supplemental materials, games and more information about this exciting method. Click here.

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Conductor book PT-YBM001-01 $24.95
Flute/Oboe book PT-YBM002-04 $8.95
Clarinet book PT-YBM003-08 $8.95
Eb Alto Saxophone/Eb Baritone Saxophone book PT-YBM004-20 $8.95
Bb Tenor Saxophone book PT-YBM005-22 $8.95
Trumpet/Baritone T.C. book PT-YBM006-24 $8.95
F Horn book PT-YBM007-28 $8.95
Trombone/Baritone B.C. book PT-YBM008-33 $8.95
Tuba book PT-YBM009-39 $8.95
Percussion book PT-YBM010-41 $8.95
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