Janelle Zook Cunalata

  • Grade: 1
  • Time: 2:02
  • Series: Arco String Publications
  • Brand: Arco String Publications
  • Year: 2018

Can you imagine what a conversation among porcupines might sound like? Janelle Zook Cunalata’s fun “Porcupettes” depicts adult porcupines (lower strings) interacting with their newly born baby “porcupettes” (upper strings). An exciting aspect of this very accessible piece is stark contrast between tenuto quarter notes and staccato quarter notes representing the softness of hair on the back, sides, and tail of a porcupine and the sharp, needle-like quills that porcupines are famous for. Fun, comical, and descriptive, your students will enjoy playing this piece as much as the audiences will love listening all the way to the final pizzicato “quill!”

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