CLB Jazz Ensemble Recordings 2009-2010 Medium to Advanced


  • Year: 2009

Abaco (Stanton), Backseat Driver (Molter), A Band’s Gotta Do What A Band’s Gotta Do! (P. Clark), A Bari Cool Chart! (A. Clark), Can You Feel The Beat? (R. W. Smith), Derk’s Works (Washut), Dreamin’ Out Loud (Washut), Eye On The Prize (Stanton), Groovin’ Down Cool Street (R. W. Smith), High Fives (Rowe), In The Groove (Stanton), Just a Little Off the Top (Chattaway), Keep the Change! (Gingery), Killer on the Keys (Neeck), Reminiscin’ (J. Taylor), Road Trip (Rowe), Sometimes You Have To Fly Away (Aldrich), Sugar Blues (arr. A. Clark), Swing March from The Nutcracker (arr. P. Clark)

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