Baroque Suite

Allemande - Courante - Sarabande - Gavotte - Bouree - Gigue

Paul Navara


  • Grade: 4.5
  • Year: 1995

This musical composition is a synthesis of modern percussion ideas with the Baroque suite format in six movements.

The music is designed so that any movement can be used as a contest piece or the whole suite may be performed in its entirety for a recital or concert.

Instruments needed:
I. High Snare Drum, Low Snare Drum, Field Drum
II. Timpani (4)
III. Gong, Suspended Cymbals (4)
IV. Field Drum
V. Snare Drum
VI. Bongos (2), Toms (2), High and Low Snare Drum, Field Drum, Bass Drum

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