Tuba Warm Up

Walter Moeck


  • Grade: 2
  • Year: 1976

A good warm up routine is one of the brass player’s most valuable assets. Since much of brass performance is physical it is vitally important that the player have a common-sense warm up procedure that will insure free lips for good tone quality, control, flexibility and endurance.
The lips will tend to be stiff after long intervals of not playing and it is the function of the warm up to stimulate blood circulation in the lips and to allow the flexibility required for the lips to vibrate at any desired frequency. Muscles receive their strength and nourishment from the blood. An organized warm up will help to get the needed circulation to its maximum. -Walter Moeck
Detailed instructions and explanations, for each of the 8 exercises contained in this Warm Up, assist players in understanding the purpose and importance of this outstanding Warm Up routine.

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