The Complete Woodwind Instructor

Deborah Sheldon, Robert Sheldon


  • Year: 1996

When teaching beginning students to play a woodwind instrument in a classroom situation, many educators, especially those who are not woodwind players themselves, have found it difficult to address the needs of each individual at every step of their musical and technical development.

As the difficulty level of the ensemble literature increases, so do the challenges faced by the student and the instructor. Until now, the resources that would help you understand the myriad of complex factors involved in successful woodwind performance have been scattered between numerous publications. The Complete Woodwind Instructor provides you with a single source for up-to-date, comprehensive and practical information for teaching all woodwind instruments. Seasoned band directors will find this text extremely useful while first year directors will call it indespensible!

Inside this valuable guide you’ll find methods for starting beginners and techniques for the developing player, including a complete task analysis of the assembly of the instrument, creating a sound, posture and hand positions and tone production. Every detail is addressed in this text, right down to care and maintenance issues and common repair solutions for each instrument. If you find it difficult to remember all of the fingerings for each woodwind instrument, the uncomplicated fingering and trill charts found in the appendix of the text will be most useful. This new book even contains information on a variety of related topics which apply to teaching woodwind students, including; special equipment needs, recommended recording artists, intonation exercises and tips for guiding students into private instruction.

All topics covered in this text have been thoroughly researched and documented. The logical layout and formatting of the text, in combination with numerous photographs make this an ideal text for college methods classes or simply the perfect tool to enhance your knowledge of the woodwind family of instruments.

Chapters Include:
* Instrument assembly
* Creating a sound
* Posture and hand position
* Tone production
* Intonation/Pitch tendencies
* Special fingering considerations
* Trouble shooting and diagnosing problems
* Care and maintenance
* Common repair problems and solutions
* Other instruments in the family
* Selecting an instrument
* Special equipment needs
* Recordings for modeling

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