Sightreading 101

Ed Huckeby

  • Year: 2015

Here is the comprehensive teaching tool directors have been waiting for!

Noted Composer and Educator, Dr. Ed Huckeby has created a straightforward and effective series that is long overdue.

Sightreading 101 is BOOK ONE of a sequential curriculum for bands designed to develop the core music literacy competency skills needed for reading music “at sight.”

The short, focused exercises in each competency set targets specific elements of music. The final exercise in each set pulls all the elements together with an assessment.

Incorporating these exercises into your rehearsal or private study routine for just a few minutes a day will yield amazing results.

With the Sightreading 101.1 assessment packs, a variety of ready to use Assessment Tools are included to make planning, monitoring and result reporting convenient and relevant.

View the full score of Assessment Pack 101.1 and assessment tool information.

Have a more comprehensive look at the entire series.

Ed Huckeby offers an informative video explanation of this valuable book.

Each book has an ISBN number:
978-1-945980-00-8 Conductor book
978-1-945980-01-5 Flute book
978-1-945980-02-2 Bb Clarinet/Bb Bass Clarinet book
978-1-945980-03-9 Oboe book
978-1-945980-04-6 Eb Alto Saxophone/Eb Baritone Saxophone book
978-1-945980-05-3 Bb Tenor Saxophone book
978-1-945980-06-0 Bb Trumpet/Baritone TC book
978-1-945980-07-7 F Horn book
978-1-945980-08-4 Trombone/Baritone BC/Bassoon book
978-1-945980-09-1 Tuba book
978-1-945980-10-7 Percussion book
978-1-945980-11-4 Keyboard Percussion book
978-1-945980-12-1 Sightreading 101.1 Assessment Pack

Product SKU Price Quantity
Conductor book 073-4375-01 $16.95
Flute book 073-4375-04 $9.95
Bb Clarinet/Bb Bass Clarinet book 073-4375-08 $9.95
Oboe book 073-4375-15 $9.95
Eb Alto Saxophone/Eb Baritone Saxophone book 073-4375-20 $9.95
Bb Tenor Saxophone book 073-4375-22 $9.95
Bb Trumpet/Baritone T.C. book 073-4375-24 $9.95
F Horn book 073-4375-28 $9.95
Trombone/Baritone B.C./Bassoon book 073-4375-33 $9.95
Tuba book 073-4375-39 $9.95
Percussion book 073-4375-41 $9.95
Keyboard Percussion book 073-4375-42 $9.95
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