The First Blues Gig

Andy Clark, Paul Clark

  • Grade: 2.5
  • Year: 1997

The arrangements in the “gig” series are geared for players with little combo playing experience.

The Keyboard & C Instrument Book is divided into 3 lines. The top stave is the C instrument part for flute, vibes, lead guitar, or other C instruments. The bottom 2 staves are the keyboard part (fully written out). The left-hand part for keyboard is exactly the same as the bass part. If you have a good bass player, don’t play this line. On the other hand, if your bass player is weak or nonexistent, then play the left hand very prominently.

All the rhythm section parts are written out and should be considered as guides for the players. Parts can be played as written, however, as players gain experience and confidence, they can be encouraged to experiment and play in a more “true combo” style.

Because these books are written to be performed by a wide range of instruments, the parts can’t always be written in the best octave for all instruments. Players are encouraged to experiment in playing any section up or down an octave if what is written doesn’t sound of feel right for their particular instrument as written. This will be particularly true for the tenor sax and trombone players.

The compact disc included with the keyboard book serves as a guide to the correct style and tempo for each tune. Younger or inexperienced players can learn much by hearing these arrangements performed correctly by the accomplished players on these recordings. Full performance recordings make up the first half of the “album,” followed by play-along tracks of each tune.

A digital download of the full album is available for purchase below.

CONTENTS: * Blues Is My Favorite Color * Low Down, Slow Down Blues * Frankie & Johnny * Say What? * Full Moon Blues * Sweet Home Chicago * Woody’s Blues * Beale Street Blues * Tickle Ya * St. Louie Blues *

Blues Is My Favorite Color
Sweet Home Chicago
Say What?
Full Moon Blues
Woody’s Blues
Beale Street Blues
St. Louie Blues
Tickle Ya
Low Down, Slow Down Blues
Frankie & Johnny

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