Miles To Go

Mike Hammonds

  • Grade: 3
  • Time: 3:21
  • Series: Jazz Ensemble
  • Brand: C.L. Barnhouse Co.
  • Year: 2017

Steeped in the Count Basie style, “Miles to Go” starts with a trio (tenor sax, trumpet and trombone) introducing the melody over the rhythm section. With each successive phrase, sections are added until the whole band is in full swing. The solo section introduces a staple of blues playing and a technique heard in jam sessions everywhere – stop time, giving soloists a chance to create lots of excitement. The chart concludes with descending bell tones in the brass leading to a unison shout chorus. With its up-tempo feel and brash shouts from all instruments, “Miles to Go” is sure to be a crowd pleaser that is perfect to open or close any concert.

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