Guitar City

Scott Stanton

  • Grade: 3
  • Time: 3:06
  • Series: Jazz Ensemble
  • Brand: C.L. Barnhouse Co.
  • Year: 2015

A really great rock guitar feature. This up-tempo chart explodes from the first guitar power chord behind a rhythmic horn section introduction right into the melodic verse, verse, chorus, improv format. Your students will be sounding bigger and better right away! The easy Bb major pentatonic scale means there’s no such thing as a “wrong note” for your “rising star” guitar player. The guitar part includes tablature for “licks” with appropriate slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and chord shape/performance suggestions. Playable with 3 Saxes, 3 Brass and Rhythm. An outstanding chart for maturing bands who want to really rock the house!

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