A New Birth Of Freedom

Gettysburg, 1863

Rob Romeyn

  • Grade: 3.5
  • Time: 3:50
  • Series: Concert Band
  • Brand: C.L. Barnhouse Co.
  • Year: 2024

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The oratorical genius of Abraham Lincoln changed the course of history with The Gettysburg Address. “A New Birth of Freedom” by Rob Romeyn honors Lincoln’s historic vision for the country in the post-Civil War era of reconstruction and dedicates itself to that noble cause. After a short introduction, a rudimentary solo section is featured on a theme that is reminiscent of the fife and drum musical style of Lincoln’s time. This theme is developed upon as the music unfolds, gradually building and leading to a glorious, powerful, and dramatic apex. The work then moves to a restatement of that same fife and drum section on which it began, this time leading to a reflective and contemplative conclusion. A truly outstanding work that will bring a touch of class and nobility to any concert or festival performance! Outstanding!

This title is not yet in print. Please check back later this summer to purchase sets and scores.

Until then, please enjoy this recording by The Washington Winds, conducted by Edward S. Petersen.

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