Goddess of Fire

Steven Reineke

  • Grade: 4.5
  • Time: 9:59
  • Series: Concert Band
  • Year: 2006

A magnificent programmatic work for symphonic band that is an offering to Pele, the Goddess of Hawaii’s volcanoes. The work opens with primordial, mysterious sounds representing the foreboding volcanoes of Hawaii. We are then introduced to Pele as a tall, beautiful young woman. This is one of the forms she can take and it represents her powers of creation and beauty. This gives way to the active and destructive Pele, often taking the form of an old woman, wrinkled and bent with age. The following lyrical section of the piece is the full statement of Pele’s theme of creation and beauty. As this theme settles, we begin to hear the ground pop and crack letting us know that new lava is beginning to bubble and flow. Suddenly and violently, one of her volcanoes erupts, creating massive chaos and destruction. After the eruption subsides, Pele’s theme of creation and beauty returns again. A wonderful addition to any concert or festival performance by mature bands. Exceptional in every respect!

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