Il Trovatore

Note: This is a reprint from a vintage publication of 1905. No conductor score is published for this work. The Solo Cornet part serves as a conductor guide. Due to the era of this work, saxophone parts are not published. Parts for Eb Horns are included; no F Horn...

On The Mountain Top

#10 NOTE: This is a vintage orchestra publication, designed for the small “theater” orchestras of the very late 1800s and early 1900s – whose instrumentation varies considerably from a modern “full orchestra” work. Parts for standard string instruments are included,...

Panis Angelicus

“Panis Angelicus” as set to music by Cesar Franck is one of the most beloved sacred songs in all of music, and this gorgeous setting for band by Patrick Burns provides varied performance options. You may feature a soprano or tenor soloist with the beautifully...

The Messenger March

Here’s a classic march from the pen of C. L. Barnhouse, expertly arranged for the “Build-A-Band” series by Anthony Susi! Carefully crafted for flexible and limited instrumentations, this sparkling march sounds every bit as exhilarating as the original! The extended...

Cyrus the Great

Ten piece saxophone ensemble: 2 soprano, 4 alto, 2 tenor, 1 bari, 1 bass. Also includes an optional part for Eb sopranino.

An Impulse to Soar

An exciting take-off flight for any concert! This piece truly soars as every player adds their voice in this joyful tribute to following hopes and dreams! Inspired by Helen Keller’s quote: “One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.”...

The Hawk’s Revenge

Lots of energy in this piece from the very beginning where players are invited to stomp their feet. Plenty of excitement and contrast as a boisterous little melody is tossed around the band, accompanied by a variety of colorful points of light, and highly active...

Legend of the Omaha

The Native American motif is recognizable from the very first six notes of the melody. Exemplary music for young band where just about everyone gets to play the theme. Don’t be surprised to hear the musicians humming the six-note melody on their way out of rehearsal!...

Splendid Star

A bold mixture of early Spanish plainsong, 14th Century organum chords and zealous percussion. This variations on a 1399 monastery song highlights every section of your band. A perfect choice for festival or concert. Lots of beauty and drama!

Seize the Day

What a great way to start a concert or festival! This popular Latin motto is musically illuminated in this adventurous composition inspiring all to make the most of every moment with energy, passion and optimism! Valiant, bold and beautiful!


All the drama, excitement and color that we expect from this gifted composer predicated on non-harmonic passing tones. This advancing-changing-evolving piece recalls a quote from Marcus Aurelius: “Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current.”...


The beginning tempo marking says it all for this exciting piece: “With energy and determination.” The strength of Zephyrus and the rhythm of his “Z” (Morse Code rhythm: long-long-short-short) are the foundation of this bold, dramatic work for young band.

Gothic Dance

Plenty of Medieval pageantry and drama. A rhythmically vibrant dance tune in minor mode permeates this colorful band score. Young band music of the highest order!

Joyful Spirit

A little march that’s big on nobility, brilliance and pride. The strong rhythms and a bright melody will engage everyone and bring a spark to your next concert or festival.


An exciting showpiece for band! Great opener—or closer—for your next concert. Lots of color and excitement. Grand proclamations from many sections in this great work!

The Cadet Parade

Noble in spirit with a nice mix of tonalities and harmonies for beginning bands. The great melodies and countermelodies for give everyone the opportunity make music. A wonderful first concert selection.

Suspended Animation

The “animation” comes from the vigorous percussion; the brasses and woodwinds provide the “suspense.” (Hundreds of suspensions – explicit and hidden.) Lots of variety in articulation, volume and tone color. A unique and wonderful piece that is out-of-the ordinary for...

Ancient Dialogue

This delightful presentation is based on “Baises Moy” (“Kiss Me,”) a French folk tune dating back to the fifteenth centruy. The theme moves through the band as dialogues (antiphonies) between contrsting wind groups. There’s a joyful sound...