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Joshua Forrester “Josh” McInnish is a composer, musician, sound designer, audio producer, and voiceover talent. He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Troy University with a Bachelor of Science in Music Industry, as well as a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Wallace Community College with an Associate of Arts as a music major. He played keyboard with Troy University’s American Popular Music Ensemble, POPulus for 3 years, and studied in Troy’s music industry program.

Josh began his journey in music in his childhood. The inspiration came from his grandmother, who encouraged him through the singing of church hymns, taking him to music lessons, and having him play piano for her. He began his musical journey in the Kinder-Music program, a class for kindergarten aged students to learn the basics of music. He started piano in the first grade and took lessons throughout his school years. Later on, he would go on to pick up drums, guitar, bass, and much more.

While at Troy University, Josh recorded three studio albums and one single with POPulus and has produced audio soundtracks for Troy’s Virtual Worldwide Open House Tour and a soundtrack for film composer Nick Nicholson. He interned for RWS Music Company, founded by renowned composer Robert W. Smith. He produced audio soundtracks with RWS Music Company for clients such as Universal Studios and the Alabama Bicentennial Committee. He studied piano under world-renowned pianist Dr. Hui-Ting Yang.

During Josh’s time at Wallace Community College, Josh studied piano under Marissa Mayfield. He played keyboard, piano, percussion, and drum kit in Wallace’s Instrumental Ensemble for two years. The band accompanied The Wallace Sound, the college’s show choir, and they also played background music for people entering to watch a theatre production on campus. Josh currently works as a freelance audio producer and composer. He is in collaboration with James Holmes, a composer out of Dothan, Alabama. Josh has applied to work at Alabama School for the Blind in Talladega, Alabama, as an assistive technology teacher.

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