Peter Sciaino

  • Grade: 2.5
  • Time: 2:31
  • Series: RWS Developing Band Series
  • Brand: RWS Music Company
  • Year: 2023

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Once a reliable and trustworthy office machine, Shredder has fallen from grace to seek revenge on its sworn enemies and arch-nemeses… the teachers. After a long relationship of perceived disrespect, this dark lord of xerox, will stop at nothing as it crunches and crinkles its way towards revenge. Ultimately, the gut wrenching tones of the paper jam prevail but not before everyone has a blast bringing the story to life! Hilarious sound files are provided to help the narrative or, alternatively, a guest narrator (perhaps a school administrator) can add a really fun element to any concert!

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Full set RWS-2338-00 $65.00
Extra score RWS-2338-01 $10.00
Oversized, spiral-bound score RWS-2338-75 $25.00
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