Skill Stretchers For Band

Level 1: Moving Beyond The First Five Notes

Heather Hoefle

  • Grade: 1
  • Time: 2:40
  • Series: RWS Beginning Band Series
  • Brand: RWS Music Company
  • Year: 2020

Not a warm-up…not a chorale. Skill Stretchers are a way to efficiently move your band beyond the first five notes by working to extend ranges, accidentals and key signatures (in a way that students discover for themselves!). In addition, Skill Stretchers prepare the clarinets to go over the break, introduce lip slurs for brass as well as octave slurs for other woodwinds. Accents, flams, paradiddles and nine-stroke rolls are included for the snare drum. Octaves and arpeggios are introduced to mallet percussion. Skill Stretchers are a supplement to any band method. Used for a few minutes daily, they provide a systematic way to conquer many of the individual challenges that occur with each instrument.

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