Firth-Feldstein Percussion Series

Sandy Feldstein

  • Brand: Sandy Feldstein's PlayinTime Productions
  • Year: 2001

An historic event for Percussion Education combines the talents of two of the most well respected names in the field of Percussion, Vic Firth and Sandy Feldstein.

Created with a flexible concept that allows use in any teaching situation. Each book is a comprehensive individual teaching method. All books can be used in any combination for group instruction and combined percussion ensemble performance.

Throughout each instrument book, lessons will contain four sections:
1. A box in the upper left-hand corner to explain all new material that is being introduced.
2. A series of warm-up exercises that reinforce what is being taught.
3. An etude or study that utlilizes the new material combining it with what has already been learned.
4. A melody or familiar song.
A must have for your percussion teaching repertoire!!

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Score PT-MU11-01 $24.95
Snare Drum book PT-MU06-41 $7.95
Timpani book PT-MU08-45 $7.95
Accessory Percussion book PT-MU09-47 $7.95
Keyboard Percussion book PT-MU07-53 $7.95
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