Pop Top

Solid straight ahead swinger at a medium tempo that really cooks! Tasty ensemble writing combined with a unique unison section for the whole band adds to the appeal of this exceptional chart. Perfect for concert or competition performances Super chart!

Miserere from Il Trovatore

1st Part – Bb Soprano Saxophone OR Eb Alto Saxophone 2nd Part – Eb Alto Saxophone 3rd Part – Bb Tenor Saxophone 4th Part – Eb Baritone Saxophone

L’Arco Della Vita

Composer David Holsinger’s insightful view of the “Arc of Life” is brought to musical life with L’Arco Della Vita. Departing from usual compositional styles, this work is set on the framework of piano and melodic percussion, presenting a series of ever-winding...

Partita Allegro

Holsinger delivers a delightful piece that will give players of varying abilities something to improve. It’s a perfect selection for performing with an ensemble at your next concert! Take a look! Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Eb Clarinet, 3 Bb Clarinet, Eb Alto...

Holiday Top 20

If you are looking for that special Holiday piece that has a little something for everyone, look no further! Sometimes it is hard to just pick one or two pieces that you want to play for the holidays, but now you don’t have to. This compilation of Christmas...

Take It From The Top

A medium tempo swing chart that features the trombone section in a refreshing original that will allow your young players to sound great while learning solid jazz phrasing concepts. No solos, but it can easily be opened up if desired. Playable with limited...

Top Secret!

With all of the mystery, suspense and intrigue that you would expect from a title like this, Larry Neeck delivers on all three. Your students will love the musical setting while learning multiple musical skills and concepts along the way. This musical mission, should...

L’il Basie

Has the feel of L’il Darlin’ but quite different melodically and harmonically. Easy to play and very smooth. Ensemble Balld.

Under the Big Top

Take your audience to a three ring Circus with this spectacular arrangement for concert band with “Ringmaster” narration. Using excepts from famous Circus music composed by K.L. King and C.L. Barnhouse, Barry Kopetz has skillfully woven these pieces into a tight...

Big Top Rag

A wonderful way to introduce less experienced ensembles to Ragtime! Fun from top to bottom!

Just a Little Off the Top

Just A Little Off The Top by noted movie and TV composer Jay Chattaway is a distinctive swinger from the William Allen Publications Stage On Series. Solidly scored and full of energy, this timeless classic is perfect for any performance situation for mid-level bands....

Il Trovatore

A selection from Giuseppe Verdi’s 12th opera: Il Trovatore. The opera is also known as: “The Troubadour” or “The Gypsy’s Vengeance”