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Nighthawk cover.
#023-4317-00   Young Band


James Swearingen
Released: 2014
Grade: ½
Performance Time: 1:41
Series: Sound Foundations

A slow, dark, and mysterious theme serves as a prelude to a new section that explodes with rhythmic energy. Instruments scored where they sound their best, layered themes, interesting harmonies, and a variety of percussion parts all combine to create an exciting musical journey from start to finish. The crafting of this piece will help make your students sound advanced for their age. Very Impressive!

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  Stock # Price
023-4317-00 $42.00
Extra full score 023-4317-01 $6.00
Extra individual part (each) 023-4317-80 $3.00
CD: Awaken The Greatness WFR383 $14.95

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