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Help! My judges' scores haven't arrived, but our contest is this weekend! What can I do?

We strongly urge you to order scores early to ensure delivery on time. However, if you order from a music retailer, and it's taking longer than a week to ten days to fill your order, the delay is not with us, since all scores ship from us within a day or two. If your dealer is unable to deliver your scores on time, call our order desk directly at 641/673-8397.

I want to buy a recording of a piece, but I don't want to buy the whole CD. Do you sell digital downloads?

Yes, many of our publications' recordings are available online as digital downloads. Visit our digital download store here. You can also find our downloads at iTunes and other locations.

I never receive any mail from Barnhouse. How can I sign up for your mailing list?

Visit our signup page.

I'm looking at one of your products online, and there's no recording on the webpage. How can I get a recording?

Most of our contemporary publications (those published since 1987) have recordings. Prior to that year, we do not have recordings of many publications. If you have a specific piece in mind, email us and we can try to recommend a recording source for you.

We want to commission a work from one of the Barnhouse composers. How much does it cost, and how does this work?

Commissions are handled between the composer and the commissioning party; Barnhouse is not involved in this process. Many of our composers accept commissions, and their fees vary. If you wish to contact any Barnhouse composer, you may do so by visiting our composers page, clicking on the composer, and then clicking the link "send a message to..." and your message will be sent to that composer.

I'm looking at one of your products online, and there's no score on the webpage. How can I see one?

We've gradually been adding 125 years worth of music samples to our website, and it takes time. If there's a specific score you'd like to see, please email us.

I am making a CD of our concert, and I need to get permission to include Barnhouse publications. How do I do this?

You need a mechanical license. It's quick, easy, and inexpensive.

I want to buy music from you, but it's out of print. What can I do?

First, look for the piece on our site to verify that it's out of print. Less than 2% of all Barnhouse publications are out of print, so it's unlikely that what you want is, in fact, out of print. If your music retailer says it's out of print, and you can find it on our website, you can obtain it directly from us.

I just bought a band piece from you, it only has ten trumpet parts, but I have twelve trumpet players. Can I copy extra parts that I need?

Under most circumstances, no; you must purchase additional parts for more students. Click here for a more detailed explanation.

While our "default" instrumentations and number of parts vary somewhat from series to series, at Barnhouse we typically include 9 to 10 trumpet parts, and 9 to 12 clarinet parts in our concert band publications. These (and other) instruments in concert band are, in our opinion, considered "two on a part" instruments, and can therefore accommodate larger sections. On average, our concert band publications include 75 instrumental parts. We do realize that no matter how many of each part we include in a standard published set, that it will not accommodate every teaching situation.

Our policy is to allow copying only as provided under the "fair uses" section of the copyright law; in other words, we do not grant permission for additional copies to be made for ensembles desiring more parts than we provide in the standard set. Copying is permitted, for example, in emergency situations, so long as published replacement parts are purchased. We charge $3.00 for extra parts, which we feel is nominal (and below the industry average). If your regular music dealer has difficulty filling an order, or quotes a different price, you may order directly from us.

Having a large ensemble is a "happy problem" to have, and we speak from experience as former band directors/music educators. However, larger classes necesitate the utilization of greater resources, not only with performance music, but also with instruments, uniforms, and other supplies.

I am a composer, and want Barnhouse to publish my music. What do I do?

Go here.

My band is playing a Barnhouse publication, and we are missing a lot of instruments. For example, we don't have any French horns. Can I rewrite the part for saxophones?

Yes. If you've purchased the music, and need to adapt a part to cover an instrument you don't have, you may rewrite that part for the instrument you have. Click here for more information. If you have a significantly non-traditional instrumentation, maybe you could use our Build-A-Band series.

Certain instances do not constitute "arranging," and in these instances, you do not need to secure permission from the C. L. Barnhouse Company to make modifications to our copyrighted publications, generally provided that:

  • The fundamental character of the work is not distorted
  • The modifications are not being made to avoid purchase of copyrighted music
  • Such modifications are made expressly for your specific teaching situation

In other words, you do not need permission to:

  • Rewrite a part for an instrument not included in your ensemble (i.e., rewriting an oboe part for clarinet because you have no oboe)
  • Simplify a part to accommodate the skill level of your players (i.e., change octave)

If you have specific questions beyond the scope of this explanation, please send us an email.