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Beginning Band Sheet Music

Sound Foundations series

The Sound Foundations and Rising Band Series are carefully written to provide quality programming correlated to the first four semesters of band instruction. The Sound Foundations Series includes publications at two grade levels identifiable by color. The RED Grade .5 Sound Foundations Series is built upon the rhythmic skills and first six notes introduced in most band methods. The BLUE Grade 1 Sound Foundations publications are built on a range of one octave with expanded rhythms and other musical content.

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Procession of the Gladiators

Grade: 1

A Quiet Song

Grade: 1

Reflections on the Missouri River

Grade: 1


(R. W. Smith)
Grade: ½

Rhythm X

Grade: ½

Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow

(R. W. Smith)
Grade: ½


(R. W. Smith)
Grade: ½

Santa's Angry Elves

Grade: ½

Santa's Holiday Favorites

(arr. Swearingen)
Grade: ½

Santa's Sleigh Ride

Grade: ½
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